Saturday, December 27, 2008

Trewoofe c1990

This is how the house looks now, after it was extensively restored by Mrs Margaret Powell, present owner of the house. When the Harveys owned it, it was whitewashed, typical of Cornish farmhouses.
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  1. Although renovated it still has the same bones. How amazing we seem to pull something down within minutes. Its certainly nice having the history. Barbara H

    1. 6 years since you posted Barbara H - can only apologise! Margaret Powell was very sensitive to the original concept of the house - our Harvey family had, over the years, changed it to a great degree to fit their needs, and Margaret stripped away the layers, revealing the house as it was originally built. Bearing in mind of course, that the very stones it is made of were salvaged from the original large Manor house that stood on the site. One wall of Trewoofe is from the original Manor.

  2. Sadly I have to report that Margaret Powell, the amazing woman who, together with her husband, tackled the daunting task of restoring Trewoofe in the 1970s (an era known for its disdain of everything old & more prone to tear down than build up), died in the spring of 2015, aged 91. She died at Trewoofe, just as she so vehemently said she would.